Tropical Golf 30/3

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday March 30, Pleasant Valley – St

Brian and Gordon Hang On To Win at Wet Pleasant Valley

It was an all important round for the Tropical Golfers, as this was the last practice round before receiving the expected invitation to play at The Masters.  To properly prepare the group headed to one of the trickier layouts in the area, Pleasant Valley. Twenty players started, but fewer than that finished.

Pleasant Valley is one of the tougher layouts in the area. Playing off the blue tees gives the course proper length, but creates some forced carries off the tee. Narrow fairways, lots of OB stakes, including some internal, make straight shooting a must. Know how to make Pleasant Valley even tougher? Cover it with water! With just a slight chance of rain no one was much concerned, but a slight chance is not zero, and sometimes the odds lose. On the back nine the heavens opened up and it didn’t rain, but it RAINED: hard, horizontal rain. About a third of the players headed in, mostly restricted to those almost finished and didn’t want to wait just to finish a couple holes, and/or players having bad rounds who saw no point in waiting and sloshing. A lucky thirteen did wait for clear skies however, and some fine scores were the result.

A-Flight (0-17):  Brian Parish (c/h 13) returned to his fine form and posted the best score of the day with 40 points on a tough course! Well done! John Davis (16) was just a shot back with 39 points, followed by Landis Brooks (9) with 38. Good scoring A-Flight!

B-Flight (18+):  Gordon Clegg (27) returns to the winner’s circle with 33 points, followed by Karen Brown (33) earning a call with 31 points, and finally Barry Elphick (27) took an honor with 30 points.

Best Nine (non winner): Rob Brown and Richard Kubicki had best non-winning 9-hole scores.

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