Tropical Golf 30/12

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, December 30, Silky Oak – St

Everyone Wins At Tropical Golf!

Well golfers, we finally made it!  Another great year and another great finish!  We crowned our last Golfer of the Month for the year, and the Monthly Mug needs to be updated to 2017. For suspense we wondered who would win Golfer of the Year.  Bets were on several names, but no one knew for sure.  Then there was that famous Tropical Golfers party afterwards.

First we played some golf.  Our “party day” took place at Silky Oak.  It was a relaxing day as we were allowed to use drop zones if desired.   Even the weather was excellent.  There was plenty of free flowing holiday cheer, and more than usual on-course banter.  We loved every minute of it.

On to the results:  Andre Van Dyk had the best Stableford score of the day with a festive 43 points!  He is in top form now.  The best low gross score of the day was by uber-golfer Bob Watson (who else?).  Way to keep up the concentration guys on this distracting day!  Technical prizes were won by Barry Elphick, Dave Stockman, Landis Brooks, Bob Watson, and Torsten Bischoff.

The highlight of the day and even the year is the feast put on by Lek, Bill, and the staff at BJ’s Holiday Lodge!  Is any golf group better blessed?  Bellies full, thirst quenched, it was time for “business”.  What were all those bottles of wine doing on the table?  Hmmm…  Starting with the best scores, pairs of names were called and each golfer went up to pick a bottle from the fine selection of wines.  When it was all done everyone had a bottle, or more.  Funny how it just worked out!

Golfer of the Year:  Just like Santa’s Helpers, our staff was adding up lists and checking it twice.  As the announcement time came for once the boisterous group fell silent.  It was a long fight and a close finish, but LANDIS BROOKS won the day, and everyone agreed he certainly deserves it.  Even with handicaps and all, the best golfer was won by – the best golfer!  Congrats to Landis!

Last and certainly not least, all the Tropical Golfers owe big thanks and more to our two organizers, Dick Warberg and Derek Brook!  They somehow each week handle a group of grumpy old men and efficiently organize the day’s event, leaving plenty of time for complaints, and not enough Thank You’s.  Well, here is a big THANK YOU Dick and Derck!


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