Tropical Golf 30/08

Tuesday the 30th August 2016: Greenwood (Stableford) This was going to be a different day for me, that was for definite. The last time I ran a stroke competition was when I used to run the ‘Monthly Mug’ at The Café Kronborg years ago. Now ‘The Warberger’ had come up with the idea that we should run the  ‘BJ Holiday Lodge Monthly MUG’ as the last competition of  the month. We would also be playing  the last competition in the Golfer of the Month,  ‘lucky Me!!!’.

To top it all off the night before it poured it down so as we went up there we had no idea whether we would play the White or Yellow Tees depending on the state of the Course. So before we left I informed the players that if buggies were not allowed on the Course we would play off the yellows. The problem of buggies not being allowed on the Course is that you get no run on the ball, the ball picks up mud and most important as far as most are concerned, it is a long walk even with a cart. Every shot away from the path is a long walk and you may as well not take a buggy. So of course the Course was wet and no buggy’s on the Course.

So off the Yellow Tees we went and to top it all off the wind blew all day and yes the ball picked up mud, so we had ‘Lift, Clean and Place’. Happy days. The wind was a nuisance however the Course was in good condition and the fairways had grass and the greens were fast and true.  However by the time we were finished we were all tired out, those with buggies were tired out just walking to the ball and those walking struggled with the wet ground and blustery wind. Still what a great day out.

As we in the first group came to the last green it started to rain. Now that is very sad as those behind have to finish in the rain and we do feel really sorry for them getting wet, and it gets the near pin markers wet. That was really sad.

Shower and into the Restaurant when we could see how hard it was raining, it was bucketing down. So the drive back was on wet roads and teeming rain. Still we got back and then we were into the multiple results.

The winner on the day, and thus the BJ Monthly Mug Winner, for the second time, was Maurice Roberts with a fine net 65. In second was Brian Parish with a net 66 with Barry Elphick in third with a net 67 and Mashi Kaneta in fourth with a net 69, all great  scores.

Then into the Golfer of the Month on which Dick works diligently all month, and indeed the last  days results made a big Change. With second place on the day, Brian Parish jumped the two leaders to win the competition. So the Winner of The Golfer of the Month was Brian Parrish. Here may I say thank you to Bill Jones, of BJ’s who very kindly Sponsors this Competition.

Near Pin   Daryl Evans   John Davis   Maurice Evans (2)

Long Put  George King

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