Tropical Golf 30/06


Brian and Landis Monthly Winners!

It was a Daily Double Day at Tropical Golf.  The Monthly Mug and Golfer of the Month were both up for grabs, and fourteen Tropical Golfers hoped to bring their A-game and course management skills out to Greenwood.  Brian Parish had a commanding GOM lead, and needed to be just conscious to win yet another prize, but mathematically it was possible for a couple others to win. Anyone could win the coveted Monthly Mug. The tension was high.

Greenwood (B/C) is a good course for stroke play. The scenic layout has wide fairways, well, some of the time.  However very raised greens and strategically placed carries over hazards often makes the thoughtful golfer layup rather than the “go for it” approach that Stableford often promotes. Keep the big numbers off your card and you got a chance. Greens were in excellent condition, and the fairways good though recently scarified. A couple barrels of weed killer would help the “C” course, but overall the course is quite nice. With two monthly prizes up for grabs, who would keep their cool and play hot?

Golfer of the MonthBrian Parish came in with a sizable lead, and basically just needed to complete the round to win yet another title. The Golf Gods are not that generous however and Brian had a rare off day, yet he still managed to with the prize by a few strokes. Brian has been in the news so much lately people are starting to seek his autograph. Congrats Mr. Parish!

Monthly Mug:  The June winner was none other than Landis Brooks (c/h 9) who earned yet another mug with a stunning net 67! Rumor is with one more mug Landis will open his own bar.  Way to go Landis! Does anything get him rattled?

Several people gave their best, and many were quite good. Graham Buckingham (30) finished with a net 69, followed by Takeshi Hakozaki (13) with net 71, Paul Sharples (17) net 72, and Mashi Kaneta net 73.

The Tropical Golfers would like to thank Bill, Lek, and BJ’s Holiday Lodge for sponsoring our Golfer of the Month contest. A great place to be.

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