Tropical Golf 30/11

Takeshi, Buckers and Daryl Win at Treasure Hill


November winds down with a trip to the always challenging, Treasure Hill Golf and Country Club. We’ve quickly adjusted to the much improved weather and there didn’t seem to be any concern about rain today as the golfers met at BJ’s Holiday Lodge. The three and four balls had been set, and the transportation sorted and the 20 hopeful players hit the road.

The first hole at Treasure Hill is a difficult par 5, dogleg, left, that is followed by a long par three. In fact, most every hole offers some kind of challenge. The course is not easy, but it was a great day to walk around the course. The three balls that led the way, were able to complete the circuit, without delay.  We played on Friday, and the caddies were wearing their standard, pink and black uniforms. We were a day too early for the Saturday, “free style” day that is Saturday at Treasure Hill. On the free style day, here, caddys still must wear pink, but are allowed to dress more like golfers, than caddys. As the last of the four balls returned to the clubhouse, the days winners were determined, and the golfers packed back into the cars for the drive back to Pattaya.

Today we had a total field of 20 players, with eleven winners, spread over three flights. The A (0 – 15) flight had the score of the day, with Takeshi Hakozaki totaling 39 stableford points, playing from his course handicap of 15. Second went to Rob Brown (7) with 31 points. John Davis (12) was able to sneak into third with 28.


In the B (16 -25) flight, Graham Buckingham (25) was in first, right on his handicap, with 36 points. Second was Tom Harrington (18) with 35 points making, what has been recently, a rare appearance on the winner’s list. Mick Coghlan (24) was third with 34.


In the C (26 and up) flight, Daryl Evans (26) was first with 35 points. Colm Mullen (30) second with 31 and Frank Xin (24) third with 30.


The best front nine, not placing, went to Gorden Clegg’s 17, while, Mashi Kaneta had the best back nine score with 18 points. Congratulations to all the winners.














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