Tropical Golf 30/10

Tuesday the 30th October 2018: Royal Lakeside ( Stroke) We have had so many rainy days that it was a pleasure to wake up to the Sun and walk around to BJ’s to a bright and shiny day with a promise of not getting wet. A quick cuppa at BJ’s and then into the minibus for a bit of relaxation before we reached the course.


It is a fair drive up there but with the Motorways these days it seems to soon pass and with the weather being fine the journey was a good one. Arriving at the Course one is met with an imposing building and after dropping the bags and a quick change it is out the back door, essentially and onto the first tee.


This is a straight course, by that I mean all the holes are straight with occasional gentle bends in some par 4  and 5 Fairways. Straight out and back is nine, more or less, and then the same again. Has to be said that you can think most of the holes are similar but some of them have been modified of late. But it is a clean Course as what you see is what you get and to suffer you have to hit a bad shot. I suppose that all in all this is a very fair Course that all like to play, after all there are enough ‘Demon’ Courses here and now and then a nice amble around is appreciated.


On the day we were allowed to have carts on the fairways, what a pleasure, and appreciated as most Courses have been wet of late. The fairways were still soft and a pleasure to play off while the greens were still firm and quite fast. All in all a Course in really good condition and a pleasure to play, which was fine as this was the for The Monthly Mug, which is a Strokeplay Competition and it is really easy to run up a big score on some holes especially in bad weather.


It was a really good day out enjoyed by all and a good shower in the really fine changing facilities was a pleasure. We all gathered in the Restaurant, also a fine facility, and enjoyed some good food before the journey back.


Soon back at BJ’S without having to go through a rain storm, it was into the results.


The Winner of The Monthly Mug, supplied by BJ Himself was, for the third month in a row, Frank Xin with a very good Net 65, well done Frank. In second place was Brian Gabe with a Net 67 and in third place was Derek Brook with a Net 69. In fourth place was Dave Cooper with a Net 71  with John Davies in fifth place with a Net 72 and Don Carmody in sixth with a Net 73. The night being fine and having had such a fine day one or two of us decided to have a ‘Cold Un’ or two. And why Not!!.   T.T.F.N.

Dick Warberg presents to the winner

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