Tropical Golf 29/8

Tuesday The 29th August 2017:  Greenwood (Stroke)  At the end of every month we play a Stroke Play Competition for the Monthly Mug. Also on this day we present the ‘Golfer of the Month’ and this Competition is the last one and can quite often be the decider. Not this month as one player was well ahead.


It quite often means we travel up to Greenwood with most things up in the air and a good day there can lead to a clean sweep of the major Competitions of the month. On this day we travelled up there wondering what condition the Course was in as rain was around and as we drove in we saw a lot of signs of significant rainfall. Or puddles of water.


Booking in we were told that there were no carts allowed on the Course and obviously the Course was going to be very wet, and so it turned out. Soggy in parts casual water all over. This meant a quick change of plans and we immediately changed from playing the white tees, to the yellow. And a good job we did as it turned out.


The test for the day was to be the B & C Nines so off we went on B. First thing noticeable was the ball always picked up mud, and the roll was very restricted. Second was that it was very hot. Nothing changed all the way around except it seemed to get hotter, and a bit muggy.


The fairways were ankle deep in water in places and a lot of finding a dry spot had to go on. The greens were not too bad, but slower than normal and the rough was difficult to get out of. Most tiring was the walk from the path to the ball as the caddies followed rules, however after a while the white flags came out for the carts in our group as they realised we were past our best. Still a tiring day. The showers were quite usefull as was the cold drink before the trip back.


Since the road that joins Route 7 to the 331, or as we call it the Bumpy Bumpy Road, has had major repairs carried our, the drive up to the Greenwood area is much easier so a visit is well worth it.   Also it is usually quiet and in good condition.


Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results as we had quite a few.


The Winner of the Monthly Mug was Brian Gabe with a Net 71. It will be seen that the scores were lower due to the tough condition’s. however well done Brian as all you need to do is win. In second was Tom Herrington with a net 72 on a countback over Brian Parish in third. In fourth we had John Davies with a net 73 and then a countback on net 74 saw Daryl Evans in fifth with Dick Warberg and Barry Elphick just missing out.


The winner of The Golfer of the Month was John Davis who at the end won quite comfortably. Well done John. T.T.F.N.

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