Tropical Golf 29/12


Brian Parish Wins Golfer Of The Year!

Well, it happened, and in spectacular fashion! After the buildup of so much, there was the big cymbal crash, the fireworks went off, and the fat lady sang! Tropical Golf finished up a stellar week and year. How do they keep getting better? In one amazing week we awarded the Monthly Mug (Dave Cooper), Golfer of the Month (Tom Herrington), crowned our well deserved Golfer Of The Year, and topped it all off with the legendary BJ’s Lodge/Tropical Golf Holiday Bash. So lets get on to it!

Golfer Of The Year: Putting the most important topic first, we are pleased to announce that Brian Parish wins Golfer Of The Year! Wow, did Brian ever deserve it! During the year his handicap went steadily down from 14 to brushing single digits with a current 9.9. How did he do it? Brian isn’t saying, but he has an eye condition now from all the flash photography he’s been through lately. Golf write-ups were easy, keeping Brian’s name in (usually first) and changing the dates. He has to fend off autograph seekers, and golfers of all sorts beg him to review their swing and give his wise advice. Tiger Woods just fired his swing coach, and rumor has it that it was done to make room for Brian Parish. Raise your glass to Brian and say Congratulations!

The Golf:  Silky Oak is the traditional Tropical Golf venue for the Holiday Bash. To give it a bit of fun and suspense we played blind partner, and you didn’t know whose Stableford score you would be combined with until after the round. So winners needed good golf or good luck, and both is best. The course was in excellent condition, especially the fairways. It was a full course at Silky Oak, but the pace of play was steady. Winners had their choice of tasty liquid refreshments in bottles or cans. A great holiday gift for the winners.  Final results were:

  • Tommy Marshall / SK Kwok 80 points
  • Bob Watson / Brian Parish 79 pts
  • Rob Brown / Ronnie Ratte 77 pts
  • Graham Buckingham / Henry Wong 68 pts
  • Derek Brook / Andy Murphy 64 pts
  • Maurice Roberts / Barry Elphick 64 pts

Near Pins:  Rob Brown (2), Derek Brook (2), Bob Watson

The Party:  After all names were announced and winners selected prizes, it was time for the feast! As usual BJ’s Lodge put on a fine show, with sliders, chicken, salads, stir fry, and much more. Everyone settled down for the fine meal and discussed the year’s events, and there is much optimism that 2018 will be better still.  And finally we’d like to thank BJ, Lek, and the staff at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for being the perfect host. Happy New Year and a blessed 2018 to all!

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