Tropical Golf 29/11

This promised to be a very exciting day, especially for the Organiser, as this was to be a Stroke Event for the Monthly Mug and also the culmination of all the play throughout the month, for the ‘Golfer of The Month’. It has been a long time since I last ran a Stroke Competition.

The test for the day was to be the A & B nines when we left BJ’s but as on all the best Golf Courses, when we stood at the start we were told we were to play the C & A Nines in that order. Nothing like a new start and what difference did it make except to Course Handicap. So off we went on a bright morning with the breeze getting up.

C Nine is not the start that one wants here, still off we went into a stiff breeze and then followed to see where the ball ended. Most of the time it ended well, but playing ‘Stroke’ there was always the thought that you had to get the ball in the hole and it was quickly forgotten by some.  C Nine over it was onto the B Nine that on this day seemed even more difficult than the C Nine. The tees seemed to be always well back and the wind an ever present.

The Course was in good condition but there were a lot of soggy patches on the Course that caused the ball to misbehave at times and at other times to pick up mud. Still it was a great day so who cared!!. Well apparently some did as most players seemed to be trying hard.  It was a pleasure to get finished and get into a nice shower.

Renovation is going on in the Clubhouse so we were soon into cars and back at BJ’s  nice and early. Then it was into the presentation where we learned that the winning players were all  in close proximity with their scores.

In the Monthly Mug Competition in 5th place was Tom Herrington with Net 72. We then had a countback on Net 71 that saw Derek Brook in fourth and Mashi Kaneta in third. Another countback on Net 70 saw Landis Brooks in second and  the Winner of The Monthly Mug go to Graham Buckingham. It must have been Grahams week as he also won a World Ranking Scrabble Competition, for 65-70 year olds, in Bangkok. Well played in both Competitions.

Best score on the front nine went to Geoff Bracegirdle and on the back nine to Mick Coghlan.

We then went to the ‘BJ’s Golfer of the Month’ and the result was very close but Tom Herrington just sneaked it from Andre Van Dyk. Long month and well played Tom. It was then time to check the quality of the beer.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Mick Coghlan   Mashi Kaneta   Patrick Poussier

Long Put    Don Carmody

Pic              Mug and Golfer of the Month Winners with ‘The Boss’ alias Lek.


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