Tropical Golf 29/1

Joe Sparwirth

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019  Pattaya CC – Modified Medal

28 Golfers 16 Place getters

Joe Sparwirth Hoists First Mug!

It was a special Tuesday for the Tropical Golfers as this was our first Monthly Mug of 2019. Twenty Eight golfers met with great anticipation at BJ’s Lodge to plot strategy for the fewest swings and putts. It wasn’t going to be easy, but blessedly we had no idea while loading up the cars just how hard it would be.

3 flights 5 place getters in each flight plus the Monthly Mug winner.

We don’t do near pins or long putts at Tropical, no one can win more than 1 prize. No wonder Carole Kubicki picked up a fifth placing in B flight with a nett 82.

Playing a modified medal where you can pick up and card a double par on any hole, everyone knew they had a chance to win something with one or maybe even two “throw up” holes. As group after group tee’d off, everyone wondered why it was taking so long for the first green to clear – until it was their turn! The greens at PCC are slick. As in pane of glass slick. As in happy to 4-putt slick. With the many slopes and breaks, if you think Pattavia has difficult putting, try Pattaya CC!

It must be said that the greens, while “The Masters” slick, were in good condition grass-wise. Balls rolled true (and rolled and rolled) and there was no blight or bare spots.

The track seemed more playable than our last outing there probably a year ago. The fairways were a bit short on grass but not rock hard as we remembered… they seem to water them in the morning making it a bit easier.

Art a 900 Baht voucher fee it’s overpriced considering the likes of Greenwood, Pattavia, Treasure Hill. Sure it’s closer but not great value compared to other courses, but it’s on the calendar for us again January 2020.

Consider out of 28 golfers, only four made handicap or better. Golfers in the nett 80 are getting placed.

Check out some of the “winning” scores below. Someone always rises to the challenge however, and today this someone was Joe Sparwirth with his mug-winning net 67!  Way to go Joe! Below is the full list of winners and their net stroke play score:

Fred Tam and Tom Herrington had excellent rounds and a shame they missed out, they played very well on a challenging track.


Monthly Mug Winner: Joe Sparwirth, net 67


A-Flight (0-15): Tom Herrington (68), Richard Kubicki (74), Maski Kaneta (76), John Davis (77), Rob Brown (79)


B-Flight (16-23): Dave Cooper (70), Mick Coghlan (76), Andre Van Dyk (79), Brian Gabe (81), Carole Kubicki (82)


C-Flight (24+): Fred Tam (69), Kurt E. (73), Gordon Clegg (74), Colm Mullen (74), Don Carmody (74)


Special thanks to Bill and Lek of BJ’s Holiday Lodge (Soi 3) for sponsoring our Monthly Mug!


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