Tropical Golf 28/3

Tuesday the 28th March 2018 : Pattana ( Stroke Play) This promised to be a really good day as once again after the ‘High Season’ drought we were to play Pattana. Not only that this was to be a ‘Stroke Play’ day because this was the end of the Month and we were to play ‘The BJ Monthly Mug’ kindly donated by BJ himself.     Happy Days.


The worry going to play this Course was that the forecasts over the area showed the probability of someone getting wet and as this Course was the most likely one in our experience we were concerned. However when we got there we discussed it with the caddies and they said it would not rain, and for once it did not, it was a very nice day if a bit humid.


The Course was quite full, but after a little confusion it was finally confirmed we would play the A & B Nines. This is not bad because for me, and many others, the worst drive is B1, with water for a hook or a slice. So off we went on the A1 with fine weather and the day ahead. This nine has some real problems on it, with island par 3’s and a par 6 that has water in front and usually catches me out. On this day two of our group recorded a par 10, on the par 6, and despite this finished in the first four of their Flight.


It is a pleasure to play this Course and with grassy fairways and greens on the reasonable speed side the walk in the park was fine. The A nine as said has some holes that can destroy your card particularly when playing stroke, it seems that if you put water between you and the hole somehow the ball makes it’s way into the water. See Water, in  Water !!.


However B1 can be a bit of a pain, with water to left and right off the tee, and the final shot over water, this is the hole you do not want first. On this day our group get away with it, however tales told later threw this in as a not well played hole. So once B1 was over we played on and with fairways grassed, and in fact a little damp in areas, it was quite playable. It was noticeable that on this day the Course was quite full with a few other groups from Pattaya going their happy way.


The changing rooms here are very fine but they used to have a stall, best word I think for it, right outside the changing room with tables and chairs where you could get a cup of coffee before playing and a bite to eat after. Well it is now gone so essentially it is upstairs to the Restaurant where they have super views across the Course. Mind it is a ++ Zone.


Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 18, which had the best scores, The winner was John Davis with a net 68 ahead of Landis Brooks in second with a net 69 on countback over Brian Parish in third. In fourth was Rob Brown with a net 70 over Andre Van Dyk.

In the B Flight, 19 up, the Winner was Barry Elphick with net 67 over Derek Brook in second with a net 71. In third was Gordon Clegg with  a net 72 ahead of Nigel Perry in fourth with a net 74.


The BJ’s Monthly Mug was won with an Excellent round by Richard Kubicki of Net 65. Well done Richard who has been playing well lately, and thank to BJ for his generous Sponsorship.


Now for me the hardest task on any Golf Course is to score an Albatross and I can only think of one before this day, of people playing with us, and that was many years ago. You hear of many people getting a ‘Hole in One’ and, unless that is on a par 4 that does not come close, in my opinion. But no Albatrosses. Indeed if you watch Golf on the television you do not see many either.


However on this day Landis Brookes scored a two at the par 5  hole B2. May I say well done Landis and not many people can say they have done this.  T.T.F.N.

A satisfied, and I think a little chuffed, Landis Brookes getting into his car to go home.

Flight Winners with Barry on Right






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