Tropical Golf 28/11

Tuesday the 28th November 2017: Greenwood  ( Stableford)


Really getting there is all dependent on the state of the roads and I am pleased to say at present they are in fine condition and we get there in a short time and so it was on this day. So we set off at the normal time and were there nice and early with a very pleasant ride.


The Course was fairly quiet and we were to play the A & B Nines in that order. The weather looked fine and we were off a little early. There was a strong wind behind us and it is always good to have it there although you know sometime later it will be against.


the Course looked good although there has been much rain of late and after the drive I noticed some mud on the ball, but the whole way around although I occasionally picked up mud on the ball it was not a problem. The fairways seemed a little long and the rough also long so I suspect the Course had some difficulty of late with cutting the grass. However with fast greens the Course was fine to play.


The pace of play was good and we were soon around all 18 holes, a bit tired as it was hot on the day but satisfied it had been a good round. So back to the Clubhouse and into the shower, then up to the clubhouse. A quick bite and a drink and then it was back to BJ’s. And as the drive up, it was good roads and a quick return.


This was the ‘Golfer of the Month’ day, Sponsored by BJ’s so it was important to many of the Golfers they performed well.


In the A Flight the winner was John Davis with 38 points on countback over Andy Murray in second. In third was Mashi Kaneta with 37 points.

In the B Flight we had slightly better scores. The winner with 42 points was Gordon Clegg with Dave Cooper in second with 41 points and Graham Buckingham in third with 38 points.


The non winners, the best front nine score was 19 points by Brian Gabe, countback over Mick Coghlan, and the back nine the best score was 21 points by Andre Van Dyk.


So we came to The BJ’s Golfer of the Month and with his fine performance on the last day the Winner was Gordon Clegg. Well done indeed after a really good month for him.


Naturally one or two of us then had a cold one, or three.  T.T.F.N

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