Tropical Golf 28/10

Davis and Warberg Take the Monthly Honors

Another day of Friday golf to end the month for the Topical Golfers, and, as the last outing of the month, both the Monthly Mug and Golfer of the Month were up for grabs. The number of golfers playing has been on the rise recently with some very good scores posted and it looked like both awards for the day would be close, hard fought competitions. On the day the numbers dwindled a bit, but 12 hardy souls made the trek up the 331 to tackle the “A” and “C” nines at Greenwood. Due to the recent rains and carts not allowed on fairways,we elected to play off the shorter yellow tees with the “Ball in Hand” rule in effect.

The course was presented in good condition with the greens running true and the loss of distance due to the wet conditions not seeming to bother most. However it was a day of medal play, counting every stroke, where concentration and course management becomes critical if you wish to have a shot at winning the coveted Mug.  Dick Warberg held a lead for GOM going into the final day but did not play due to other commitments, leaving the door open to a couple other golfers to put points on the board and take the prize.

With all the cards in back at BJ’s the results were tabulated while the hunger pangs were satiated, washed down by beverages of choice. The presentation shortly followed as we welcomed a first time visitor, Shawn Harrold.

The winning scores were back into what has become the “normal” range for the Mug competition with John Davis (c/h 16) winning with an outstanding net 64. Congratulation to John on his first Mug and with play like that, he’s likely to collect several. The reduced podium due to the low number of players was completed with a fine net 67 by Mashi Kaneta (17) followed by a well earned net 70 by Landis Brooks (9). Excellent golf Guys!.

Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Landis Brooks, Shawn Harrold, John Hackett

Golfer of the Month: The door was open but no one charged through allowing our first GOM winner who did not play the final competition round. Therefore a surprised Dick Warberg won his third GOM prize. Special thanks go to Lek and BJ, owners of The BJ Holiday Lodge, for sponsoring our GOM/GOY competition.  We all thank you both very much.

It was noted by more than one that it seemed that this was becoming the Davis/Warberg  golf group after their “A” flt/”B” flt wins at Royal Lakeside three day before.  When you’re on a roll,,,,


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