Tropical Golf 28/03

Tuesday The 28th March 2017: Bangpra ( Stableford) This Course is a little bit special in that it was the original Golf Course on The Eastern Seaboard that started many people playing Golf here. In those days the thing I remember the most was the speed of   the greens, there were time that if you got above the hole you could not stop the ball on the green. The greens are still not slow but now reasonable and on this day with the dryness of the Course, still difficult. However we had a good Greenfee due to a late start so roll on.


The fairways were as said dry or at least had dry patches on them and off the fairway good lies were a bonus, but all in all the Course was a pleasure to play except for one thing that just shows how mature this Course is. Everywhere was covered in monkeys. Well it seemed it.


Now usually we get a dozen or so at two or three greens or fairways, and we once had so many they were running across the road at the entrance, but on this day the numbers far surpassed any I can remember. When I say everywhere, they were running over every fairway in numbers, when we stopped for a sit down they were on the roofs and looking down at us and we had to leave a caddie with the cart as they raided it immediately. All the rest stops were surrounded by the things.


There were a large number of young about and some of the large males showed their displeasure by approaching us and hissing and took a lot of facing down. Some day it could get nasty. However as we are fairly experienced with this situation and the caddies are very competent in handling the monkeys, it made for another amazing day out in this animal wonderland. One thing missing on the day were the large lizards, too hot for them I expect!!.


The day was, as said, very hot and a lot of the players struggled on the back nine so to get back into the showers was a pleasure. However I expected the scores to be low. So a quick shower and back to BJ’s.


We had started the play very late, neatly midday, so it was dark when we got back, so straight into the results. The winner on the day was Tom Herrington with 34 points ahead of a countback on 32 points that saw Doug Maiko in second and Derek Brook in third. In fourth was Mashi Kaneta with 31 points.


Then some had a cold one or two and some called it a night.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin       Walter Baechli   John Bland   Don Krueger   Mashi


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