Tropical Golf 28/02

Tuesday the 28th February 2017:  Greenwood ( Strokeplay)  The last day of the playing Month is always a Strokeplay Event, where we decide the Golfer of the Month and also The Winner of The Monthly Mug. As you can guess this is also the busiest day of the Month for the  organiser.


On this day the test was to be the A & C Nines, a very difficult test, so we were all bright eyed and keen to go, early at BJ’s, and then it was away up the windy road. On this day the road was nice and quiet so we made good time and were there nice and early.


On reaching the Clubhouse to book in it was noticeable the only ATM was out of order so those needing a ‘Top Up’  were sadly caught out. However for most the important thing was to get changed and have a practice on the putting green before off to the first tee.


The Course was , as expected, soggy and wet in areas, after all, we saw the fact that greens in the area had received a lot of rain, on the TV over the weekend. So it was Lift, Clean and Place, and it was needed at certain parts of the Course. However the Course, was in good condition over all. We naturally had a strong wind and we teed off into it, but the fairways were reasonable if slow, and the greens quite fast even if the grass was a bit long.


This is always a good walk around, even if like me you were in a cart. The boys!!, well ‘Goldies’, walking were not over hot, it was windy, and the Sun only came out for the last few holes. All in all a fine if tough day.


Then after a quick bite back to home base.


With a lot to get through we were soon into the results.


The scores were generally good but one was exceptional.  The winner of The Winner of the Monthly Mug,  with a superb Net 61, was Mick Coghlan and way ahead of the rest.  In second was Bob Britton with a net 68 with Jerry Garcia in third with a net 69. We then had a countback on Net 72 that saw Nigel Perry in fourth and Paul Weatherly in fifth.


In the Golfer of the Month with non of the chasers coming through on the day, the golfer leading had a comfortable win. The  Golfer of the Month was Brian Parish. Well done Brian.


It was then time to taste a few of the ‘Cold Un’s’,   T.T.F.N.


Near Pin     Kei Kasami (2)   Don Carmody   Nigel Perry

Long Put     John Davis   Landis Brooks

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