Tropical Golf 28/12

Joe Don Tom and Brian

Tropical Golf Friday 28th December

Greenwood A & C

Everyone a winner at Tropical Golf’s Holiday Fest!


Wow. The end of another golf year and what a great one it’s been! The Tropical Golfers went out in style with a trip to the ever excellent Greenwood, and after was the annual Tropical Golf celebration! How perfect can a day get?  Greenwood was in perfect form, and so were many of the 25 golfers. With eighteen prizes spread across four flights, the odds were in your favor.  So how did it all finish?


A-Flight (0-16): Brian Parish (37), Rob Brown (37), Mashi Kaneta (36), Steve Truelove (34).

B-Flight (17-25): Tom H. (39), Dick Warberg (38), Brian Gabe (35), Walter Baechli (33).

C-Flight (26-29): Joe Sparwirth (41), Graham B. (39), Frank Xin (30), Daryl Evans (30).

D-Flight (30-36): Don Carmody (35), Gordon Clegg (34), Kurt E. (33), Karen Brown (31).

Best Nine non-winner: Landis Brooks, Barry Elphick.


After the golf there was much to celebrate and ponder for the past year and the new one arriving. After a complimentary feast, Santa was certainly there since after all the winners had their choice of Holiday spirits, there always seemed to be more so that by the end no one was left out! Smiles and good wishes galore rounded out the evening. Much thanks to BJ’s Holiday Lodge for providing the perfect venue.



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