Tropical Golf 27/4

Parish Tops the Field on Friday, 27 April 2018  at Pattana Sports Club


A small, post Songkran, field of 12 signed up for the outing to Pattana. With all

hoping for a full, non rain delayed round, off we set on the relatively quick trip to 331

via the 7!


Quick check-in, locker room sheet showed only 25 players ahead of us, and out to

our assigned tee, C-1. Setting off to play “C” then for the next nine moving to “A”, was

welcome news to most since we would avoid the challenge of “B-1”.


With the weather on the hot side but with enough cloud to break up the blazing sun the course was found in very good condition with the fairways in fine condition, the rough cut

to a reasonable height, and the greens running reasonably true.


With no hold ups all groups were finished in good time and, after a stop in the

restaurant (what a nice view) for a Milk Shake and scorecard collection, headed back

to Pattaya.


The trip back to town was much slower due to hitting a heavy thunder shower about half way to the 7. It was then 50 KPH or so all the way in. It was great to have finished our golf before that storm moved in and all safely sat in BJ’s Holiday Lodge where the day’s best performances were honored.


Leading the way was Brian Parish(CH 12) with a fine 40 points. Excellent golf! Brian

was followed by Barry Elphick(28) with 38 points, John Davis (14), 37 points and Dave

Cooper(25) taking a 3-way count back on 35 points over Walter Baechli and Mashi



The Best 9’s for non-winners went to Walter Baechli and Dick Warberg.

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