Tropical Golf 27/2

Tuesday The 27th February 2018: Treasure Hill ( Stableford) Hi, so off we went once again to Treasure Hill. This of course has nothing to do with the great High Season rate they offer of 1250 Baht for green fee/caddy fee and cart, and is totally to do with the quality of the Course.

Whilst the afore may be said a little tongue in cheek, it cannot be stressed enough that this is a fine Golf Course in idealist and peaceful surroundings. The staff and caddies are also first class and helpful and the restaurant while not over imposing is smart and offer goods at a reasonable rate.

The book in was extremely quick as with the deal on all wanted the cart and the tickets were already sorted out, so give the money and get the tickets. Quick change, and incidentally one of our players commented how clean and smart the changing room looked, then out to the tee where all the caddies were waiting.

Most of the players know this Course well and on the day it was in first class condition, but as always still a hard test of golf. Off on the first and straight into the tree you have to miss and this was the story of my round. See tree, hit tree, it is the way it goes these days. But the rest were away and running and the par 5 is a hard start. On to the second and a long par 3 with stroke index 2, Do Not put it in the hazard on the right, no hit the trees on the left. Wow Onto the third with the tree on the left, no way I am going to hit that tree. Tee off and hit tree. Some days you should have stayed in bed.

Meanwhile the other three in our group were having a good day and this was not hard with fairways in good condition and greens in hard fast and true condition, and despite the great rate the Course was nice and quiet. A fine day out indeed with not a spot of rain despite the forecast. And the Scribe even improved on the back nine.

Back at BJ’s nice and early it was soon into the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Landis Brooks with 38 points on countback over Rob Brown in second. In third was Derek Neufeld with 35 points with Richard Kubicki in fourth with 34 points.
In the B Flight 19 up, the winner with the best score of the day was John Anderson with 41 points, ahead of Carole Kubicki in second with 39 points. We then had a countback on 32 points that saw Gordon Clegg in third and Colm Mullen in fourth.

In the ‘Best Front Nine and Best Back Nine for Non Winners’, With 17 points John Davis the front Nine won on Countback over Mashi and Sunny, whilst the back nine was won by Derek Brook with 19 points.

Some of us then decided to sit there till late resting the quality of the ‘Cold Uns’ . T.T.F.N.

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