Tropical Golf 27/10

John and Mick Battle It Out At Crystal Bay!

Hello to all golf fans and dedicated readers.  This week the Tropical Golfers made a visit to Crystal Bay. The “Golfer of the Month” contest is in full swing, and each day, indeed each stroke is quite important to a few.  Numbers are starting to climb and this day the Tropical Golfers had a winning twenty one golfers meet at BJ’s Lodge for food and greetings.

Always one of the more favored venues, Crystal Bay is a forgiving and scoring course. One nice surprise is it was also in borderline excellent condition! Is it just the weather or has someone been tending to the grass with extra care. We don’t know, but all who played said the course may be in the best condition ever. Plus we heard that the “A” nine, closed for many months, may be open in a couple of months.

The scores this day were high but not mind blowing as we sometimes have there. Several people below handicap level even got some mentions. Without further suspense here is how we finished.

A-Flight (0-20):  John Davis (c/h 15) showed he was not going to go down quietly in his GOM quest by shooting the best score of the day at 41 points! John is tenacious! Next, returning Alan Sullivan (17) made a nice showing with 37 points, followed by Ronnie Ratte (20) on 33 points and Brian Parish (13) taking the final flight honors on count-back with 32.

B-Flight (21+):  Mick Coghlan (24) showed he has stamina with the GOM finish line in sight, and solidified his lead with a fine 39 points. After Mick, Daryl Evans (25) shot right on handicap with 36 points, followed by Steen Habersaat (29) and Peter Bygballe with 33 points. Congrats.

Best Nines (non winner): Tom Herrington and Don Carmody got mentioned for having the best non-winning, 9 hole scores.


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