Tropical Golf 27/07

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Thursday, July 27, Greenwood B/C – Medal

Dick and Mashi Take the Honors!

Once again with both the Monthly Mug and Golfer of the Month prizes were up for grabs on our last outing of the month. Normally it would be Friday but with the Holiday to celebrate the King’s Birthday, we opted to go a day early. This day also fell on the day the Rayong Green Valley Group was sponsoring one of their low season scrambles which reduced the numbers playing with us, but 10 hopeful Tropical Golfers showed up to tackle Greenwood B and C.  Mashi Kaneta had a commanding GOM lead, and, with the closest competitors headed for St. Andrews and the Scramble, basically needed to just complete the round and turn in a card to win yet another prize. However with the Mug also up for grabs there was also the chance for a “Daily Double” and knowing Mashi, no one thought he would take it easy.

Greenwood (B/C) on this day was wet from recent rains and with carts restricted to paths only, “Ball in Hand, through the Green” was the Rule of the Day. Playing off the shorter Yellow tees, the course still played long and several times it took awhile to locate balls plugged in the middle of the fairway. However, no rain fell during our round and with no groups in front of us we were around in good time, cards turned in, and headed back to BJ’s Holiday Lodge for a bite of late lunch and a dink while the results were tabulated.

First, to the results of the day for the coveted Monthly Mug and with three golfers on net 74, it took a count back to determine the final order. And the winner of the Mug, his first, was Dick Warberg  (c/h 20) over Mash Kaneta (16) and Phil Mitchell (7). John Sykes (35) then edged out Graham Buckingham (26) on a count back at net 77 for the final spot on the podium.

On to Golfer of the Month and as noted above, Mashi just needed to complete his round for the win,  and, with his stellar round finishing second, came close to the ”Daily Double”, and blew away all others for the July GOM prize.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Tropical Golfers would like to thank Bill, Lek, and The BJ Holiday Lodge for hosting our golf group and sponsoring our Golfer of the Month contest. We generally meet every Tuesday and Friday for breakfast before golf and depart for the chosen course between 08:00 and 08:30.  If interested in playing golf with a friendly group, please stop by and place your name on the sign-up sheets.

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