Tropical Golf 27/11

Tuesday Nov 27, Greenwood CC (B+C) – Medal

Don Carmody Hoists Monthly Mug!

As we march down to the end of another successful year, the Tropical Golf Group continues its march of good friends and good golf. Well, at least we hope for good golf, and this day needed extra hope as it was time for the Tropical Golf Monthly Medal Mug. To hoist and/or drink from this lovely vessel is the dream of  many Pattaya golfers. First however was the usual meet-n-greet at BJ’s Lodge (Soi 3) and fill-up with breakfast and brew. When all was ready sixteen golfers headed out to Greenwood with visions of cradling the mug later in the day.

Medal. Stroke. By any name it is real golf and just like the pros one or two bad holes will ruin an otherwise excellent round. No picking up, and stay focused. The B-Course is open again and although it has a little more “growing in” to do it is an excellent shape. It is also quite challenging. Previous rains left parts of the course slightly soggy but we avoided lift-n-clean. It’s rare we talk about the weather in Pattaya in glowing terms, but this day it was in a word: Perfect. Cool, dry, cloudy. Who would take advantage of a great course and perfect weather?

MUG WINNER:  Don Carmody (c/h 32) used his handicap strokes wisely and negotiated the tricky course with a rock solid net 70. A steady back nine helped Don win on countback. This is Don’s second Mug, and since he has two arms it can be quite a time saver! Congrats Don!

A-Flight (0-19):  Takeshi Hakozaki (c/h 16) had a fine net par-tying 72 just one stroke ahead of Mashi Keneta (16) at net 73. Big Deryl Neufeld and Andre Van Dyk had identical scores off identical handicaps (17 & 74) with Deryl taking countback honors.

B-Flight (20+):  Poor Gorden Clegg (29) lost the Mug by half a point with his net 70. Next time Gorden. Mick Coghlan (26) was four shots off with his net 74, followed by “Buckers” Buckingham (26) at net 75 and Colm Mullen (31) rounded out the flight with net 76.


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