Tropical Golf 26/9

Tuesday The 26th September 2017: Pattana ( Stableford) We leave the warm settings of BJ’s twice a week to drive to various Golf Courses and sometimes we forget just how lucky we are. These are some of the best Golf Courses anywhere and to think they are just at the end of a short drive up the road. Courses designed by some of the best Golf Architects in the business. We are truly spoiled.


However not only are most of the Courses excellent but some of the Clubhouses are truly tremendous. Such as Royal Lakeside and Bangpakong at the edge of our driving distance are as remarkable as any, but closer we have some no more than half an hour away and Phoenix, Laem Chabang and Khao Kheow, even Eastern Star, are well worth a visit just to sit in the Restaurant. That said we also have many Clubhouses that are more than adequate if not outstanding, but all have food facilities and good changing rooms. Now Pattavia is even with good showers and a new Clubhouse and with a great Course worth a visit.


On this day we were on our way to play at Pattana, and what to me is the best of the lot. Plush and warm and one little thing makes the difference. But Later. Now having gone through the booking in, which incidentally is far better than it used to be, we were soon changed and able to walk straight out to the waiting carts only a few yards away.


The test for this day was to be the B and C Nines and on this day the first shot was to be on the B1, not the easiest around. With water left and right and in front of the green this can be a monster hole. You are certain to hit water sometimes and for a first shot this is really intimidating. So off we go.


The day was windy, also really hot and when the wind dropped it really heated up. Strange that you wanted a strong wind. The fairways were a a bit damp and the ball did at times pick up that mud we all hate, but it made a change to play with no special rules as carts were allowed on most fairways. Into the rough and it could be tricky to get out, but onto the greens and they were usually tricky but quit good.


We moved around at a good pace and despite the fact the parking place was packed we found no hold up. All in all a fine day out. Soon back in the fine changing room a shower put the world all right again and a bite to eat and a drink a must. The Restaurant immediately inside the door provides a can of beer at a good price and the Management there have provided a small drink and eat place that serves at a good price. Unfortunately closed on this day.


To go up to the Main Restaurant, and exit, is a flight of stairs. The times after a round at Khao Kheow I have cursed as I had to climb the stairs to the Restaurant , really tired. I have more than once suggested to the management that they should put a lift in. Well at Pattana they have a lift from the changing room floor to the Restaurant floor, only I floor but worth every penny. It is the little things that make a different and makes it my favourite Clubhouse.


Incidentally with the ‘Rickety Road’ repaired, at least fully one way, it took 35 minutes to get there and 55 minutes to get back at rush hour, so now quick to get there. No reason not to go.


Back early it was soon into the results.


The winner with a fine 38 points was Andre Van Dyk ahead of John Pierrel with 37 points in second. In third was Brian Parish with 36 points and for fourth we had a countback on 35 points that saw Derek Brook in fourth and Bob Britton in fifth.


Some players have a really good nine but the other nine holes can be not so good. So we have a best front nine and best back nine for those who do not get in as a winner. So the best front Nine was Nigel Perry with 19 points and the best back nine was John Anderson with 19 points.


With that we proceeded to act as normal and test the coldness of the beer for some time.  T.T.F.N.


Pic   AVD On the left and John on the right









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