Tropical Golf 26/7

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Thursday July 26, 2018, Crystal Bay – St

Daryl Shines at Crystal Bay

Seems it has been quite some time since we ventured out to Crystal Bay, a favorite course of many of our regulars. Not a bad trek there now with two routes to choose from, up the 7 Service Road or Sukhumvit. Either way good unless accidents and on this day no problem as the drivers chose both routes and arrived about the same time. It was a bit odd being a day earlier than our usual Friday golf and some wondered if one day off was enough time to relax the kinks from Tuesday’s round. With our scheduled tee time a bit later than normal all had a chance for a second “Cuppa” at BJ’s before heading out.

Arriving a bit early, check-in was smooth (gotta like the 1080TB to walk these Parklands) and soon assembled on C-1 to follow the group from Growling Swan playing their Monthly medal. As usual it took 3 holes to get spread out and the pace to settle, but with all in 4 balls it turned out to be a steady round for all on a breezy day with enough cloud cover to break up the relentless sun. Playing “C” & “B” for the umpteenth time (anyone have a guess as to when they’ll reopen “A”?), we found the fairways dry and firm; with the wind, some big drives possible, against, not so much, and the greens running a bit on the slow side.

Trip back to town was uneventful and with the results of the day quickly sorted out, we were into the presentation as some were finishing their snack and quenching those parched throats. After a welcome to visitors Greg, Graeme, and Geoff from Victory, Australia it was on to the announcements of the winners on the day.

The top step of the podium clearly belonged to Daryl Evans (C/H 24) who turned in an excellent score of 39 points under trying conditions. With the next two on 36 points, Alan Sullivan (14) edged out John Davis (12) for 2nd place, followed by 4th place Brian Parish (12) and 5th, Andre Van Dyk (17), both with 35 points. The “Best 9’s, non-winners” went to Don Carmody and Mick Coghlan. Congratulations to all.


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