Tropical Golf 26/6

Tuesday The 26th June 2018:  Bangpra ( Stableford) As far as I know this is the Oldest Course in the area, the Area being the Eastern Seaboard. You can tell this Course has been in existence not only by the maturity of the flora and fauna but by the way the animal, mostly monkeys, use the tourists, really golfers and caddies, with complete disdain. Certain areas of the Course are areas where you leave your cart unattended at your peril, and all items need to be safely zipped into your golf bag.


I suppose it is a bit like playing in a Safari park, without the Lions, but with the rest. Even has it’s own reptiles and snakes. However we are only paying for the golf so let us get into it .


Nice day once the clouds came in, before then for the first few holes it was hot and humid, indeed It did the players no good and several felt it affected them. However with a bit of breeze and as said a bit of cloud cover the day then became one to treasure, really fine.


The Course was in better condition than last time we visited, I suppose the fact it had had less rain allowed it to be cut which made it a pleasure to play, if, as difficult as usual. The fairways were reasonable to play off and with them cut we got a bit of run and very little mud on the ball. I suppose carts being allowed on the fairways says it all. The rough was a bit shorter so easier to get out of, a big help when you are in it so often.


This was always the Course with the fastest greens, some of them were over the top and if you got above the pin it was practically impossible to stop the ball on the way down. Well those days have been over for some time however on this day the greens were faster than the last visit. Quite testing.


All in all a great day out on the Golf Course. So a shower and back to base.


Soon into the results it was to find reasonable scores. Winner with 38 points was Brian Gabe ahead of Brian Parish in second with 35 points. In third was Gordon Clegg with 34 points and in fourth was Dick Warberg with 31 points. Good job Dick got 31 points because we had 5 players with 30 points and the countback would have been fun!!!.


We had a front and back nine best score for those not in the first four. Best front nine was John Pierre with 17 points and best back nine was Nigel Perry with 17 points on countback over Barry Elphick. Then time to relax.  T.T.F.N.

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