Tropical Golf 26/07

Tuesday The 26th July  2016 :   Pattaya Country Club  ( Stableford)  The thing  I can say about this Course is ‘Long Time No See”.

When I originally retired here, one of the first things I did was to buy a years Membership at Pattaya Country Club. This Course used to have the best fairways of any Course here and despite it being run from a temporary Clubhouse it was a very friendly, if visually uninspiring Course..  Slowly the fairways  .became not as good, in fact quite average, and we started to use the Course much less.

At BJ’s we usually booked this Course as a Friday Course so I had not played it for some years, in fact since before the New Clubhouse came into use, so it was with great interest that I made the  pilgrimage there on this day. As all know it is but a hop and a skip up there, however as I was driving, I was surprised to see the drive up to the new Clubhouse. Quite impressive.

Had to be shown the way to the changing room, but it was quite impressive, and with the deal at the  moment it was a fine start. Soon off it was a pleasure to play a Course I used to play regularly at one time. The fairways are not bad now, but they used to be super,  however the greens were really good and as fast and true as any we have played in the last few weeks.  Some changes have been made such as the par three up the hill, always difficult it is now a bit of a monster. However the Course is well worth a visit now and the best thing is that you sit in the Restaurant and see some of the Golf Course. Overall a most enjoyable day out.

We were back at BJ’s really early and so could declare the results at a time of day we have not done for a long time.

The winner on the day was Graham Buckingham with a very fine 41 points. In second was Derek Brook with 38 points ahead of a countback on 37 points that saw Jerry Garcia in third and Tom Herrington in fourth. Then after a fine day out, some of us decided that for a change we would have a couple of cold one’s. And yes the nose does grow.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Derek Brook    John Hackett   Mashi Kaneta   Dick Warberg

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