Tropical Golf 26/04

Mashi Masters Mountain

Hi Golfers.  Its the hot part of the hot season, yet still many intrepid (or stupid) golfers regularly show up to play.  Most even opt to walk, clearly proving the heat clouds judgment.  Speaking of clouds, there were no merciful clouds this day to give even a hint of relief.  The Tropical Golfers made a last minute change to play Mountain Shadow instead of the scheduled course that is documented to be so hard and dry as to be unplayable.

Air conditioners blazing, everyone arrived safely at Mountain Shadow.  The course was not crowded and we got off a little early.  The weather was (unfortunately) sunny, and the only relief came from a breeze (although a hot one) that picked up for a few holes.  Still, it was appreciated.  Did I mention it was hot?  Mountain Shadow is in good condition – considering!  There are dry and bare patches, but no worse than other courses now, and better than many.  Most fairways were more-or-less green, and the greens themselves were their usually tricky selves and in good condition.  It was a test of stamina as well as skill.  Who would conquer?

First place went to Mashi Kaneta playing off an adjusted handicap of 18, with 38 points.  Mashi can take the heat and pressure!  Next was John Davis (15) with a fine 37 points, followed by Bob Britton (17) with 36, beating Maurice Roberts on countback.  Stay cool and pray for rain!

Near pins:  John Davis (2), Dick Warberg, Maurice Roberts

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