Tropical Golf 25/10

Yes I know it is a long way, but the trick is to either find someone who likes to drive and sit in the back, or get on the bus. Either way you get the chance of an hour or so of inspecting the inside of your eyelids. Really relaxing.

The bad thing is that even so it is a long way and you do tend to get back a bit late. Having said that this is a Course worth visiting now and again as it is , to me, what I call a clean Course. You can always see where the next shot is and if you hit it straight you will get where you are going.  Mind there is plenty of water around.

After the long trip it was reasonably easy to book in and we were out early only to be told we were to be playing the back nine first. No real problem so off we went. This is a reasonably straight forward Course in that you can see the hole ahead of you in most respects.

There have been a few modifications to the Course over the last few years, and generally they have been good and made the Course more difficult. As the afternoon moved on  we  saw a darkening of the sky and a few raindrops fell but the heavy rain did not come so we had a fine day. Only drawback was that the greens had been sanded but surprisingly it did not seem to slow the ball down. All in all a great day out.

The drive back passed in a flash, well Pattaya soon came and we got back to BJ’s in reasonable time.

Soon time for the results which were extremely good.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was John Davis with a fine 43 points ahead of Brian Parish in second with 41 points and John Pierrel in third with 40 points. In the B Flight the Winner, and in a best form streak, was Dick Warberg with 44 points ahead of Dave Cooper in second with 42 points. We then had a countback on 40 points that saw Derek Brook in third and Tom Cotton missing out.

Then time to relive the day.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin   Brian Parish   Walter Baechli   Tom Cotton   Denis Savourin

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