Tropical Golf 25/08

John Davis Conquers Tough Mountain Shadow!

It was “moving day: for the Tropical Golfers. This was the last round before the duel Golfer Of The Month and Monthly Mug contest next week. If you wanted to move up the standings to have a chance to win GOM, this was the day. Its not going to be easy though as the destination was Mountain Shadow – always a tough one.  With that in mind seventeen golfers showed up to make the move if they could.

The layout at Mt. Shadow is tough and tricky. Before getting to course condition we should point out there is some action on the neglected clubhouse. The rotted and torn carpet has been replaced by tile, and the change is noticeable. We don’t know what else they have planned inside and out, but this is a good step in a fine setup just in need of some TLC, also known as money. Overall course condition is currently good-fair, and the greens were quite nice. The already intimidating layout was by the fact the rough was extra long and swallowed more than a few balls. Final scores showed that sometimes you fight the course and the course wins! Humble pie on the menu? Still, not everyone was beaten into submission.

A-Flight (0-19):  Only one player kept his head and seriously challenged the course, and that was John Davis (c/h 15). John had the best score of they day with four shots to spare and seven in his flight with an impressive 35 points! Well done! This puts JD in first place for the race. Next was John Hall (16) with 28 points, and then Mashi Kaneta (16) over double countback loser Steve Truelove at 27 points.

B-Flight (20+):  Brian Gabe (20) had the second best score of the day and won his flight with 31 points. Next came the departing Reg Cochrane (24) and Ronnie Ratte (20) who were surprised to be called with 26 points. You just never know!

Best Nine (non-winner): The best half rounds went to Tom Herrington and Walter Baechli.

“Golf is not a fair game” Jack Nicklaus

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