Tropical Golf 25/07

Tuesday The 25th July 2017: Pattana  ( Stableford) The question was would we get wet or not?. With the weather of late and the promise of more rain in the area the chances were that we would get wet and we all remembered the fact that of all the Courses we play this is the one we have been rained off most. In fact we get to know the rest stops here as we spend a lot of time in them as the rain pours down, but hope is always with the golfer.


A good drive up there was indeed noted as Dick told us the ‘Bumpy, Bumpy’ road das been repaired and is useable again. In fact seemingly it is like it was some years ago and cut the time of his drive by some time.


On arrival the dreaded words were uttered by the Course, ‘ Carts on the Path Only’, as after several days of rain the Course was very wet, such is life. So a quick change and we rushed to our early Tee time at 0900 hrs. as with a Major Competition on we had to be off the C 9 by 12 Noon, and who knows what could happen. As it happens we had a clear run and were onto the A Nine in good time.


The Course was as expected, wet, and as we seem to have some bad rainy days here we were a bit worried when it started to rain, but it was light and soon stopped and with the overcast day the weather was ideal for a fine round.


The Course itself was, well wet, and with no carts on the fairways we Goldie oldies did a lot of walking and got wet feet. The fairways were soggy and the rough difficult to get out of, however the greens despite being wet were fast and true. Happy Days.


Soon over it was a quick shower and back to BJ’s nice and early then into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 15, the winner was Landis Brooks with 38 points ahead of Mashi Kaneta in second with 37 points and Brian Parish in third with 35 points. In the B Flight the winner was Dick Warberg with 37 points ahead of Mick Coghlan in second with 35 points and Graham Buckingham in third with 34 points.


Best front nine was Takeshi Hakozaki with 18 points and best back nine was Mike Johns with 18 points.


Results over it was time to try some of BJ’s fine food and drink.  T.T.F.N.




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