Tropical Golf 25/1

Colm Mick and John

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, Jan 25, 2019 Treasure Hill

28 Golfers 14 different prizewinners

John, Mick, and Colm On Top of Treasure Hill

Attention all ye golf fans.  This Friday twenty eight Tropical Golfers headed out to Treasure Hill, which by law we are required to describe as Tough Treasure Hill. It was more difficult than usual as we shall see, but it’s always a challenging course. After the fill-up at BJ’s Lodge we load up the Mules and were on our way. Everyone arrived in good order and we were able to tee off a bit early.

Always a test, TH was even more demanding this day as the greens had been cut down to nothing and sanded. Reads were quite difficult, and many claimed to have figured it all out on the 18th green. The fairways, while decent, were rather hard and many areas were light on the green stuff. TH still has the special of just 300 bt for a cart so many usual walkers took a break.


So how were the scores? Let’s see… mean, median, average?  Think back to high school… Oh never mind, there were a bunch of low scores! Some did well however, and one, Mick “INWA” Coghlan didn’t seem troubled by the course in the least.  Check it out…

A-Flight (0-13): John Davis (33), Richard Kubicki (33), Steve Truelove (32), Mashi Kaneta (31)

B-Flight (14-22): Mick Coghlan (39), Carole Kubicki (32), Paul Weatherly (30), Andre Van Dyk (30)


C-Flight (23+): Colm Mullen (36), Graham Buckingham (36), Dave Cooper (33), Kurt E. (33)


Best Nine (non-winner): These went to Paul Sharples and Rob Brown


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