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Tuesday, July 24, Bangpakong Riverside – St

Pierrel Tops a Crowded Podium

It seems we are making the hour long trip up the motorway to BRCC regularly now. The course always seems to be in very good condition, the players seem to really like to hit off well grassed fairways and putt on consistent greens, all for a fair price. So on an overcast morning with the seemingly constant threat of thundershowers, 14 of the regular regulars headed out to once again test their golfing skills against this fine venue. Arriving after the uneventful drive up 7 to a relatively empty parking lot, the check-in was quick and smooth and the first group was well down the first fairway before our booked starting time. With carts not allowed on fairways (maybe that’s why the grass is so good here), it was “Ball in Hand” for the round and other than it being fairly breezy and a very brief sprinkle as we played the 3rd hole, the weather cooperated fully.

There are several changes being implemented at BRCC with the removal/addition of trees and added bunkering and waste areas, plus changes to some of the internal OB’s. Some, still under construction are “G.U.R.”, but others that were completed since our last visit are now “play it as it lies”.  The caddies seem knowledgeable with regard to the changes so heeding their advice and keeping the ball in the fairways will avoid any new problem areas.

The pace of play was good and 5 hours after arrival all were on the road back to Pattaya, anxious to learn how they fared against the field on a course that generally produces Stableford scores on the high side. So with some having a late lunch and others with their favorite beverage in hand back at our home base, “The BJ Holiday Lodge”, the results were announced.

With the top two on 39 points, John Pierrel (C/H 13) edged out Graham Buckingham (25) for the top step. They were followed by another pair turning in 38 points, with Don Carmody (28) continuing his recent form getting the nod over Daryl Evans (24). Congratulations for your stellar play. For the rest of the field only the consolation “Best 9’s Score” were available for recognition. These went to John Davis with 19 points on the front 9, and Dick Warberg with 20 points on the inward 9.

All in all a fine day of golf at a great venue among friends!

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