Tropical Golf 24/4

Tuesday The 24th April 2018:  Royal Lakeside ( Stroke)  It’s a long way to Royal Lakeside so there must be something good there to make us go so often. It’s not the rate, as Greenfee is not as low as several Courses closer to home, so it must be the whole day out experience. That is about right.

After a period of water throwing in Pattaya, some many days I remember, it was nice to get away from Pattaya although several of our regulars were still away on break. So it was a relatively small group that braved the new ‘Tolls’ on Route 7 up to the Course.

So on arrival we noticed the car park was fairly empty, this is usually good news for the golfers, and indeed on this day we were able to get away as soon as we arrived at the start. So what is the Course like?, well it is remarkably straight, or so it seems. Out a few holes, a par 3 then back, then out . There are some holes you could class as a bit of a dog leg but nothing too vicious. On this day we had a very strong wind that seemed to make your shot act a bit strange, but apart from that the ball ran well on the fairways and and the roughs was quite forgiving.

Most people played on the fairways, but one or two players, with the strong wind tended to play on many different fairways and went for walks in the woods. The water, which runs down the side of many fairways, collected a good supply of balls also.  The greens were a little slow as the rain of late had made them soft, still they were fair.

We made it around in good time, despite all our groups taking a break at the half way as it was really very hot and especially the walkers were feeling it .Still we were soon in the Clubhouse where  a cool shower did wonders for the golfers, and then a bite to eat and a cold drink set us up for the drive back.

Back at BJ’s very early it was soon into the results and as the Day was The Monthly Mug and a Stroke Competition it was usually a Competition all wanted a win.

In 6th Place was Walter Baechli with a Net 76

In 5th Place was Andre Van Dyk with a Net 75.

In 4th Place was John Davis with a Net  74

In 3rd Place was Mick Coghlan with a Net 71

In 2nd Place was Mashi Kaneta with fine Net 67

But the Winner was Bob Britton with his best Gross score, ever, and a super Net 63. Well done indeed Bob.   T.T.F.N.

Pic   Bob being congratulated by Dick Warberg

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