Tropical Golf 24/11


Mick Wins Monthly Mug.  Again!

It was the day after Thanksgiving (Black) Friday and the Tropical Golfers were shopping for lower scores in the quest to go home with the Monthly Medal Mug! No pick up and get on with your round, you had to keep hitting the little ball until it goes into a just slightly larger hole. That means strategy, focus, and as always is the case in golf, some luck. With that in mind fifteen golfers headed out to try for this most coveted prize.

Crystal Bay was the choice today, and we played the C and B courses in that order, maybe to match the course initials?  CB is a good stroke play venue as it is more forgiving that most in the rotation, but what is this? Due to rains, less maintenance, or by design, the rough was higher than the usual shaved non-fairway areas for Crystal Bay. Balls off the fairway were often hard to find and equally hard to get out of. It played like a different course. Overall CB is in fair-to-good condition. A few greens had bare spots but that was about it.  Other groups visiting the same day, with Tropical Golfers behind the lot, made for much worry about an agonizingly slow round, but after a few holes everything got spread out and pace was acceptable. The scores were quite interesting… there were two players, and then everyone else.

Results:  Two players tied at the amazing score of net 64. It’s a shame we didn’t have two mugs to pass out as both deserved one, but due to count-back, Mick Coghlan (c/h 24) won his third Monthly Mug! Mick is hoping to be the first Grand Slam Monthly Mug winner. Tied at the same score let’s not forget Gordon Clegg (34). Gordon has some solace in that he has been playing so well lately he knows that you can’t spend a mug. Well played guys!  Then “everyone else” came in way back, all tied at net 73, with the count-back order; Andy Murphy (17), Colm Mullen (26) and the returning Rob Brown (8).  At least they can feel good that one short missed putt didn’t cost them the mug.




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