Tropical Golf 24/10

Tuesday The 24th October 2017; Bangpakong Riverside Country Club (Stroke)  Well it rained and rained in fact most of the day it threw it down. I walked out of the Hotel and immediately realised it was raining when I got very wet, so it was back into the Hotel and down to the shop to buy an umbrella. Next a quick walk to BJ’s and all that got wet was my feet as sandals do not go well with a downpour.


During our wait at BJ’S we checked the internet to see what the weather forecast at the Course was and naturally it said it was likely to be  fine, so in heavy rain off we went. The drive up there was not particularly pleasant as the weather varied from dry to heavy rain and as we came off the motorway the heavens opened and we arrived at the Course in a downpour.


Being smart!! we left the clubs in the car and went down to the coffee shop to watch the rain hammer down and turn the Course into a series of lakes, there was no way we were ever going to play in this weather!!, mind the coffee was good.


After the best part of one hour the rain slowed and having come so far and noticing the lakes were slowly draining, we made the decision to play.It was obvious

we were going to get our feet wet but it would not be the first time. The decision was made to ‘Lift, clean and place through the Green’ in the hope we could actually find a dry spot to put the ball. Some hope at times.


So off we went and it was exactly as we thought. Soggy and wet every where with very little run, The ball plopped down, dug in and when it hit water stopped dead. Exciting. The fact we were playing Stroke for the Monthly Mug did not help either as we could not just pick up the ball.


Then it started to rain and the end was glimpsed, one group even went back and claimed ‘Rain Check’, but by then the rain stopped so back they went to complete their round. The greens were naturally slow but seemed to have drained well, but the rest of the Course was a bit of a quagmire. Still Golfers are tough!! so in the end all battered on.


However the rain stopping and a bit of Sun showing through, only lead to a rise in the humidity and to go with wet feet we also got soaking wet in other areas we will not mention. At the end of the round we were absolutely shattered and everyone agreed we had had a great day.  Aren’t Golfers brave?


So it was into a hot shower and a quick bite in the restaurant before into cars and back to Pattaya.  And if we thought the drive up there was no fun, the drive back was far worse, with for long periods it rained so hard the windscreen wipers could not keep up and many cars had to park alongside the road. Being brave I took the easy option and as Mashi was driving I rested my eyes for a period.


Back late at BJ’s and tired it was soon into the results, and despite the trials of the day we had some good scores.


The winner on the day was Daryl Evans with a fine net 65 ahead of Brian Gage in second with net 66 and Brian Parish in third with a net 67. In fourth was Mashi Kaneta with a net 69 ahead of a countback on Net 71 that saw John Davis in fifth and Steen Haberstaat in sixth.


Sad to say one or two decided to stay for a cold one or two, or three.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin           John Davis   Peter Bygballe   Walter Baechli Steen Haberstaat   Mick Coghlan










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