Tropical Golf 24/06

“Buckers” Hoists Monthly Mug!

Last Friday of the month, and you know what that means?  Rent is due?  No not that, it is time for the Battle for the Tropical Golfers Monthly Medal Mug.  Other awards might look better on the shelf, but are any so practical?  And while some might be satisfied with merely winning the US Open, in reality this is what real golfers want!  To make the occasion special the venue this day was Burapha – a fair test of medal play skills.  Due to low season and travel we had just twelve golfers show up to give their best.  Everyone had a good chance.

Burapha is getting into the local price wars by giving Sports Day prices all week long  The Tropical Golfers don’t play this course often so the anticipation was high.  Recent rains have finally started to green up the courses, and Burapha was in good condition.  Playing the A & B links off white tees, the layout is interesting with a good mix of long and short holes.  Some light drizzle accompanied the golfers for a few holes but not enough to stop or even slow down play, and it soon moved away.  Someone in the area got wet but nothing was going to spoil this day.  When the final putts fell it was back to BJ’s Lodge for the announcement.

Smashing all competition and winning his first mug was Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (course h’cap 27) who mastered the course with an impressive net 66.  Wow… way to go Graham!  Sometimes it pays to take a break from the game.  Now Graham is back and better than ever.  After Graham came Steve Truelove (7) with a fine net 69 off his tiny handicap, beating Daryl Evans (25) on count-back.  Don Carmody (29) finished the roll call with a net 70.   For the rest there is always next month.


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