Tropical Golf 24/02

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, February 24, Pattavia – St

Carole and Bob Shine at Cloudy Pattavia

The Tropical Golfers met this Friday to plan for the trip out to Pattavia.  A longer drive than most any course, but the trip is now much less painful on cars and bottoms thanks to the resurfaced road heading in.  Slow season?  There were still twenty four Tropical Hopefuls filling up at BJ’s Lodge before the ride out.  A later than usual start meant many had time for that extra cup of coffee to fortify resolve.

All the way out and during tee-offs the question came up “Will it rain”?  “Of course not, it doesn’t call for any.”  Wrong.  There was drizzle on and off a few times during the round, but usually just below the “stop and wait” threshold.  The course was in very good condition, but oh those greens are hard to figure out!  Because of rain and greens, scores on average were lower than normal, but a few didn’t seem to mind.

A-Flight (0-18):  Uber golfer Bob Watson (c/h 7) showed he has the skills needed for a tough day with a best of the day 39 points!  Awesome Bob!  Richard Kubicki (16) and Brian Parish (15) came next with 36 points each and they should be pleased with their performance.

B-Flight (19+):   Soon to be departing Carole Kubicki (28) beat her husband in place if not points with a flight winning 33 points.  Hurry back. Jerry Garcia (20) came next with 32, and then Daryl Evans (25) almost had an ace, and finished with 30 points, but good enough to reach the podium.

Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Bob Watson, Daryl Evans, Nigel Perry Landis Brooks, Rita Zoebeli, Jadwiga

Best Nines (non-winner):  John Davis and Nigel Perry


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