Tropical Golf 24/10

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Wednesday, October 24, Bangpra – St

JD back to His Winning Ways!

A return to Bangpra, the Monkey Course, too soon for some, way too long for others.  The last time we visited was in July completing a 3 round Eclectic event at the course. Generally always in good condition and with the recent daily showers a well presented course was expected and found.  No lift, clean nd place this day but making this decision from only the fact that carts are/are not allowed on fairways sometimes catches you. This day there were some wet area where it would have been nice to have L,C,&P and at least gives a hacker such as the writer an excuse for his dismal score.  The greens were found in very good condition, not lightening fast but a reasonable speed and running true. On top of that catching one of the few remaining “Sports Day” rates before High Season was a bonus.

With the small group finishing in good order, even with a brief and light rain shower, cards collected and it was back to BJ’s for a bit of late lunch and the always refreshing thirst quenchers while awaiting the day’s results which took quite a tiebreaker to sort out the top 3.

With 32 points and coming out on top was John Davies (c/h 11) over Derek Brook (29) in 2nd, and Don Carmody (29) in 3rd.  John Pierrel (12) carding 30 points completed the podium as the rest applauded and cheered. A pleasant day out on a tough track, well worth the visit.

John Davis receives congrats from Micki

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