Tropical Golf 23/3

Landis, Paul, and Carole Win At Tough Khao Kheow

This week the Tropical Golfers decided to really test themselves with a visit to Khao Kheow. Rumor has it for some this is their last practice round before heading to Georgia hoping for a last minute invitation to play in The Masters. Well, hope springs eternal. A full group of twenty nine golfers decided KK wasn’t too tough for them, so after meet and greet at BJ’S Lodge everyone saddled up for the ride out.

Everyone knows Khao Kheow is a tough course, however this week it was made even tougher by less than stellar course condition, especially the fairways. Assigned to play “C” & “A” nines and getting away on time we found the “C” nine already into the low season maintenance phase with scarified fairways. While the greens were overall in good shape (and quite fast with several tricky pin positions) many fairways were weedy, and complicated by loose cut grass on most of them. Players were constantly moving handfuls of dead grass away from their ball in the middle of the fairway. We give the course condition a “Fair” this round. You would assume that with those conditions and the tough layout scores would be on the low side, but the Tropical Golfers have enough skilled players that the scores were fairly good.

A-Flight (0-17):  Tough conditions bring out the best of the best, and Landis Brooks (c/h 9) had the best net score of the day with 39 points of his single digit rating. Awesome! Four shots back Richard Kubicki (14) earned second place with 35 point, followed by Alan Sullivan (16) over Rob Brown (7) on count-back at 34.

B-Flight (18+):  Big Paul Weatherley (18) made it two in a row by taking his flight with an excellent 38 points. Good playing! Gordon Glegg (27) continues to hear his name with his 37 point day. Next Graham Buckingham (20) and Jim Ferris (24) finished the flight with 34 and 33 points respectively.

Ladies:  Carole Kubicki (24) won the classiest flight with the day’s high 40 points, followed by Karen Brown (36) with 36. Take a courtesy.

Best Nines (non winner): John Davis had a best nine thanks to a 5-point eagle on a par four! Mick Coghlan also had a good half round.

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