Tropical Golf 23/1

Tuesday The 23rd January 2018: Bangpakong riverside ( Stableford) We had a large turnout for this day, somewhere between 8 and 9 Groups. I say that because between Monday Night and Tuesday Morning anything can happen. This is after all Pattaya. One thing is certain, it is never mundane here.


So finally with about 8 Groups off we went. The trip up there was quite normal, until we overtook a  series of slow lorry’s and noticed we had passed the turnoff.  I tried to workout the way to u- turn but the woman on the Sat Nav would not stop talking and telling me it would take over 1 Hour to get there. Had to turn her off, as we were only 15 minutes away and I had no idea how to get back. Fortunately the driver, somehow, made all the correct turns and we turned up at the Course only a little late. It does get a bit fraught when you have the start sheet.


Onto the tee where Don Carmody had taken charge and so we all got away on time and in good order. Thanks Don. So off we went on a Course that really looked to be in fine order. However it seemed we were at the back of the queue and so we played one of the slowest rounds of recent time. This is a great Course but at times does seem to get congested.


The course was in fine condition although on the day it seemed most of the tees were back, some on the Blues. The fairways were well grassed but they seemed rather wet, the greens were a bit slow but all in all this was a pleasure to play. Apart from the fact that it was really hot. With a long round and hot weather most of the players were struggling by the end of the round and were pleased to get into the cool of the Clubhouse.


It is never a problem driving to a Course, but the drive back can sometimes be a problem. The drive back on this day was a struggle as dark descended and it got really busy. Mind sat in the back it was not too bad.


We got back really late, for us, so it was soon into the results with many of the winners missing as home beckoned.


In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Richard Kubicki with 40 points. In second was Rob Brown with 39 points ahead of Steve Truelove in third with 38 points and in fourth was Andre Van Dyk with 33 points on countback over Andy Murray.

In the B Flight, 18 to 25 , the winner was Brian Gabe with the best score of the day, 41 points. In second was Walter Baechli with 35 points ahead of Graham Buckingham in third with 33 points. In fourth was Joe Sparwith wit 32 points on countback over Dick Warberg.

In the C Flight, 26 up, the winner was Torsten Bischoff with 37 points ahead of a countback on 34 points that saw Frank Xin in second and George King in third. In fourth was Karen Brown with 32 points on countback over Henry Wong.


We then had the normal Front nine, Back nine for the ‘Losers’. Best front nine was 19 points by Dick Warberg and 18 points back nine by John Davis.  T.T.F.N.






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