Tropical Golf 23/06

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Friday, June 23 Crystal Bay – St

Mashi and Colm Big Winners At Crystal Bay

A Tropical Golfers salute to you all. Time for the PSC Tropical Golfers to head out to Crystal Bay.  Most golfers like a visit there once in a while to help build the ego up and the handicap down. Overall in good condition, Crystal Bay attracted seventeen golfers this Friday, including one who came straight from the airport to join us. Dedication! We had a later than usual start, and there was some concern that might force us to deal with the frequent afternoon showers we’ve had lately, but this day stayed clear.

We were assigned the B and C courses (in that order for once) and we got off on time or a bit early.  Crystal Bay is in good condition, and seems to be undergoing some maintenance as several work crews were busy around the course.  CB could also be called  “Stumpland” as there are quite a few headless palm trees around the course. Yet one work crew working on the course were busily chopping down a healthy one. There must be reasons. Crystal Bay is a scoring course, and see how one for sure took extreme advantage.

A-Flight (0-17):  Recently returned Mashi Kaneta (c/h 17) smashed, destroyed, and intimidated all competition with a stratospheric 44 points! Do you give lessons Mashi? Next in line came the also recently returned Takeshi Hakozaki (13) with an excellent 39 points, followed by Brian Parish (13) with 35. Nice playing all.

B-Flight (18+):  The B-flight scores picked up right where the A’s left off, with Colm O’Donovan (21) earning 34 points, followed by Dick Warberg (20) with 33, and Mick Coghlan (22) at 32.  Until next time, straight drives to all.

Best Nine (non winner): Landis Brooks (17 points) and Paul Sharples (19)

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