Tropical Golf 22/12

Dave Cooper Breaks Monthly Mug (record)

Sometimes there is too much going on to grasp, let alone write about. We have the closest Golfer of the Month race in a long time, the Golfer of the Year race is not yet settled, you’d better start and finish Christmas shopping, like now, and the Tropical Golf Christmas Party is approaching. Is that all? No way! We still have to settle this month’s Monthly Medal Mug winner. The last mug for 2017 is up for grabs, and twenty two golfers headed out to Pattavia to give their all. Bring your A-game.

Pattavia is an interesting course. From a detached point of view the course is not so hard, and is in quite good condition. Most holes have wide fairways and there is less water than many courses in the area. A couple of long par threes adds some spice, but where Pattavia really defends itself is the greens. And how! People say the greens at Pattavia are quite fast. Not really so, as the few level greens show them to be about average with a slight not to the quick side. What the greens are is contoured! Heavy slopes make any downhill putt that doesn’t drop a (hopefully) two stroke coming back. Those luck or skilled enough to be below the hole on most greens would fare well.

Monthly Mug: Dave Cooper got his Christmas gift early as the Golf Gods gave him the round of a lifetime, or at least this year. Dave (c/h 27) finished head, shoulders, and a par 5 ahead of the field with a stunning net 63 – a full nine strokes clear of the field! We had to check his card twice to make sure he played all 18. We don’t know if this is the lowest Monthly Mug score ever, but certainly the largest winning margin.  A big congratulation to Dave, and let’s hope it carries over to next year!

A-Flight (0-21)        Handicap       Net                  B-Flight (0-21)        Handicap       Net

Tom Herrington           18                  73                    Torsten Bishoff           30                  72

John Davis                    14                  74                    Don Carmody   34                  72

Walter Baechli             19                  75                    Fred Tam                      32                  73

Brian Parish                 12                  76                    Kenny Chung   27                  73


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