Tropical Golf 22/11

We come here pretty often these days, it is a regular monthly stop, and it is far enough out of Pattaya to be a day out, and not enough to be really far. Also the staff are really friendly and give us good rates.

On this day we had a small group of players but we were soon into cars and on our way. I jumped into Mashi’s car only to find he had bought a new car and gone up market. Always nice to drive around in a new car and get the new car smell, brings out the mechanic in me. However even a new car has problems.  As I sat patiently in the back seat Mashi let me out and took the child lock off. It was thought I was still asleep.

On arrival we noticed we were one group of seemingly many and we were asked to get to the tee as soon as we could. Having found we were to play C & A in that order and we were soon away. The Course was quite full and we were reminded that ‘the High Season’ is here. Happy Days.

The Course as usual was in quite good condition, the fairways fine and the greens ran quick and true. Well when the rest were putting, mine always seemed to slide off. Nothing changes.The wind got up occasionally and we had the odd spot of rain, but nothing much. In all it was a fine day.

The Club House is superb and these days just outside the changing room there is a small coffee bar that sells fine cream cakes, not that I would ever be tempted!!!. So after a coffee and a cream cake it was time to get back to BJ’s

Back early we were able to get onto the results nice and early. The winner with 39 points was Geoff Bracegirdle ahead of Tom Herrington in second with 35 points. In third was Landis Brooks with 35 points and in fourth was  Mashi Kaneta 34 points on countback over Dave Nicholson. Then we has a few beers and put the World to right.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin  Derek Brook   John Davis (2) Landis Brooks


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