Tropical Golf 22/08

Tuesday The 22nd August 2017: Pattana  (Stableford) A permanent on our Monthly Schedule, this Course can be a real toughie, however the quality of the Clubhouse there and the friendliness of the staff make it a must on the schedule.


On this day driving up there I was advised by Dick to take the ‘Bouncy Bouncy Road’, as it had now been resurfaced. This road used to be really good until the sheer volume of traffic, especially trucks, turned the road into a nightmare. So onto the road and a great improvement as it was a good drive, just another reason to go to this Course and in fact Courses like Greenwood, Treasure Hill  and Pattavia.


The Course was busy and outside the changing room the buggies were lined up, but thankfully with 3 Nines we were off the C Nine first and the rest were off the B First. So straight off we went. It was hot and windy as we got underway, and truth to be known it only got hotter as we played the C Nine followed by the A Nine.


It got hotter and we soldiered on, the greens were good but the fairways looked like they could be shorter and the rough was really punitive and really difficult to get out of. One of our players asked the Course Official if the mowers were working. Once in you were in trouble.


By the end we were all tired out and really needed a cold shower. Then outside the changing rooms a cold drink and back on the road. Nice and early back at BJ’s.


An early results  showed two golfers had 35 points but the winner on countback was Brian Gabe with Mashi in second. In third was Brian Parish with 34 points and in fourth was John Davis with 32 points. Then for a change we cooled down with a few cold beers.  T.T.F.N.


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