Tropical Golf 22/04

Mick Coghlan Trims Greenwood

It is our first post-Songkran golf outing, and Greenwood was on the rotation.  Many people came back with stories of their Songkran Avoidance Trips, while others told how they got involved in water fights – willingly or otherwise.  The season is slow, hot, and many are still traveling, but a dozen hearty Tropical Golfers showed up.

Is the extra drive to Greenwood worth it? Yes it is.  The course is in excellent condition, almost lush.  After some bone dry courses recently this was a nice change, and the Tropical Golfers took advantage.  Scores were on the high side.  In fact everyone had over 30 stableford points, which is rare indeed. It was also a tight race as only six strokes separated the highest from lowest score.

On top of the pack was Mik Coghlan (h’cap 24) with an excellent 37 points.  It wasn’t all that easy though as Mick had to win on countback over Maurice Roberts (15).  Good playing!  The bronze medal went to Tom Herrington (14) with a rare countback win over Dick Warberg (21), both earning 36 points.  Stay cool everyone!

Near pins:  Landis Brooks, Andre Van Dyk

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