Tropical Golf 22/03

Bangpra (Stableford) We had a late start at Bangpra, it seemed a good idea as this is still the high Season and by starting late, a Midday Tee Off, we could save a few coppers. One more good point is that we got a lie in and did not have to leave until 1030 am. I do like a lie in and could go for this, but there are those who get up early. Their are some really funny people playing golf.

So off to Bangpra and at the first tee well in time, to find that the starters seemed to have no idea where we were teeing off. At the 1st tee the message came we were to tee off at the 10th, so checking with the starter at the Clubhouse, yes we had to go off the 10th, Once there and waiting to go, Mashi came dashing over to say the starter at the 1st said we could go off the 1st now. So all over to the first. And before it  changed again we teed off and got going.

There was a strong wind blowing but we all hit it down the middle and so started the day. The day was hot but the strong wind kept the temperature at a reasonable level, however those walking found it very difficult and by the time they had finished they were all hot and bothered. Not forgetting with a late start it was a late finish.

The Course was in what one might call a burnt condition and that is not surprising as  the Course has not had much rain of late.  Anywhere off the fairway seems to be bare and get your ball there and the ground is really hard and brown sand. I suppose the good golfers might be able to play such a shot but the average golfer has difficulty.  The fairways were good in parts. dry in others, but again need water, and all shots played were such that the hands became jarred.  The greens to me seemed fast and true as usual but some players thought they were a bit inconsistent but that would be picky. A really difficult day with a  strong wind.

We did get round and a cool shower was great then up for a bite to eat before the drive back in the twilight. Then as soon as possible into the results as it was dark.

In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Tony Brown with 37 points ahead of Mashi Kaneta in second with 36 points. In third was Glen Lee with 32 points and in fourth was John Hackett with 31 pointe on countback over Landis Brooks and Tom Herrington.

In the B Flight the winner was Barry Oats with 40 points ahead of a countback on 34 points that saw Carole Kubicki in second and Derek Brook in third. In fourth was Jim Ferris with 33 points.

As it was so late and dark outside we decided to have a few drinks before leaving as sadly the Kubicki’s and George King will do soon as they go home for a few months. Good trip we hope.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Landis Brooks   Carole Kubicki   Barry Oats  Glenn Lee

Long Put   Walter Baechli   Nigel Perry

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