Tropical Golf 22/3

Karen Brown and Andre Van Dyk.

Tropical Golf

Friday, 22 March, 2019 Treasure Hill Golf and Country Club

25 players 14 prizes.

Steve Truelove, Andre Van Dyk, and Karen Brown Win at Treasure Hill

The minivan driver and a couple Tropical golfers loaded and reloaded the back of the van, trying to squeeze in ten sets of clubs. Stand them up, lie them down, I don’t think a packaging engineer could fit the bags in and get the door close. Accepting reality, one set of clubs rode in the foot space of the front row passengers, and we were off to Treasure Hill.

Treasure Hill is really a nice layout, but a real challenge. We did have some good scores today, with three players scoring better than their handicaps. There was, however, a bonus for a few golfers that did not play well. Frank Xin was able to win a best nine with only 13 points and Mick Coghlan got a placing with 25 points. When play was finished, and nine golf bags quickly packed into the back of the minivan, we started our trip back to BJ’s Holiday Lodge to hear the results.

In the results, we had a total field of 25 players, with fourteen winners, spread over three flights.

The top spot in A flight (0 –13) was decided on count back, with Steve Truelove claiming first, with 35 points from his handicap of 10 . Second went to John Davis (12), also with 35 points, but losing the count back. Third was Brian Parish (12) with 33 and Rob Brown (5) fourth with 31 points. Landis Brooks had the top nine hole score among non placers with 16 points.

In the B flight, (14 – 23) Andre Van Dyk (16), was first with 34 points. Mashi Kaneta (15),second with 30, and Mick Coghlan (19), third with 25 points. Frank Xin had the top nine hole

score with only 13 points, on count back over Brian Gabe.

In the C flight (24 and up), Karen Brown (31), was first with 38 points. Carole Kubicki (24) and Barry Elphick (29) both tallied 37 points with Carole claiming second on count back. Roy Dayton(28) claimed fourth with 31 points. Don Carmody had the best nine score with 16 points.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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