Tropical Golf 21/8


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group
Tuesday, August 21, Bangpakong Riverside – St
Steady John Davis Tops the Field
Middle of the month and once again we are scheduled to test our golfing skills against a fine venue in Bangpakong Riverside Country Club (BRCC). With the motorway making the hour long trip less of a hassle, the course seemingly always in very good condition, and a reasonable walking rate on offer, BRCC is a favorite for the Tropical Golfers. On our July visit there was still some work going on with tree additions, new waste areas and bunkers, and changes to internal OB’s. Just what would we find today?
After a quick check-in and hardly time for a practice putt, the starter had us rounded up and the first group headed down the first hole. The organizers had decided to test the group this day by playing from the longer Blue tees and, with very cloudy conditions in the area, allow “Ball-in-Hand” through the green. Generally the group plays BRCC from the White tees at 6319 yds so how would they do with an additional 360 yds to contend with. We do also play off Course Handicaps so theoretically it should all balance out.
We must report that it seems all the major work is done and the course ready for the coming high season. The only comment would be that the new areas of sand, some with trees or grass within, need to be so identified to avoid confusion over whether that sandy area is a bunker or a waste area. The fairways are in great condition, the greens running at a reasonable place and true. In addition the weather stayed cloudy, with a bit of breeze so the temperature was very good for golf and no rain fell. Lift, clean, and place was welcome especially around the greens due to soft ground conditions due to irrigation.
Round finished in a little over 4 hours, showered and a bit of time relaxing on the terrace with a coffee or soft drink, we were all headed back by 3:00 p.m. to gather at BJ’s for the presentation and see how all faired off the Blues.
With 40 points, John Davis (c/h 12) topped the group. John has been playing excellent golf recently as his Handicap Index steadily drops. Following John were Brian Perish (12), 38 pts, Don Carmody (29), 36 pts, and Gordon Clegg (28) with a great back 9, edging out Dick Warberg (22) on 35 pts for the final spot. To round out the accolades, Warberg took the Best Front 9 score while Steve Truelove recorded the Best Back 9 score. Well done to all and it seems playing from the Blue tees had little impact on the play either for lower or higher handicappers. Last month off the Whites, the top 4 all had 38 or 39 points playing off similar handicap levels. It is after all, all about course management and playing the course laid out to the best of one’s ability whatever their handicap level. Now if the courses would get their “Indexing” of holes based on actual difficulty instead of, par 3’s are easy and par 5’s are difficult!

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