Tropical Golf 21/11

Tuesday The 21st November 2017: Bangpakong Riverside Country Club ( Stableford) The question as we gathered at BJ’s in the morning was would it rain or not as one of the groups had cancelled their game the day before. So after a short discussion off we went, after all we have been wet before, like the last time we went there. Soaked more like it!!!.


It was pretty dull on the way up but apart from the odd spot we met no rain to call rain on the way up but as we arrived it did look very dull. Still a quick change and off we went to the start nice and early. The sad first remarks were no carts off the cart path, then I knew we were in trouble especially when I spent the whole day hooking the ball with the cart paths set up for the fade/slicer.


So off we went and the first thing we noticed was that the rain of the last few days had left the Course seemingly overgrown. It looked like it was been difficult to cut the wet grass and the fairways were a bit long and the rough was penal if you got into it. As I did several times. Most of all though is that the greens putted like you were on velcro, and it was really difficult getting the ball to the hole. It was a struggle to play especially if you were off line. And long.


Having a cart and pulling the ball I must have walked much more distance than those simply walking and the last few holes were difficult to get through. Indeed to say my age showed was an understatement. I was bushed. And seemingly not the only one.


All in all a tough day, but at least it did not rain. Happy days.


Soon through the showers it was into cars and back to home base where we were soon into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Brian Gabe with 38 points on countback over John Davis in second. Then a countback on 37 points saw Rob Brown, welcome back, in third with Takheshi Hakozaki just missing out.

In the B Flight, 22 up, we had the best scores with Gordon Clegg winning with the best score of the day 42 points with Graham Buckingham in second with 41 points. We then had a countback on 40 points that saw Don Carmody in third with Colm Mullen just missing out. Sad 40 points and missing out, somebody up there etc.


In the .Non Winners’ section Takeshi Hakozaki won the front nine with 23 points and Dave Cooper the back nine with 21 points. T.T.F.N.



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