Tropical Golf 21/10

Parish and Warberg Impressive Winners

The year is moving on and weather getting a bit cooler (sometimes) and the Tropical Golfers keep heading out to try their skill, or that failing, luck. The destination this day was Pattavia, and a full roster of 24 golfers signed up for the trek out to Pattavia.  As usual the food at BJ’s Lodge was excellent, and after everyone was satiated we loaded up the cars and headed out.

The drive to Pattavia is about the longest on the rotation, and every time during the drive out we ask “Is it worth it”?, and ever time the answer is “Yes”. The course was in good shape overall, especially the fairways. Its an interesting layout too.  Greens would be described as “fair”, and even though in need of improvement they were certainly playable.  Such a good course with good grass is an invitation to score  and score people certainly did!  Didn’t make or break your handicap?  Well then sit down and listen to other names, and applaud on cue.

A-Flight (0-18):  Posting the best points score of the day was Brian Parish (c/h 16) with a stellar 42 points!  Way to go Brian!  Visitor Guy Stewart (17) came next on count-back with 41 points, over the returning Max Scott (7).  Welcome back Max!

B-Flight (19+):  Dick Warberg (21) continued his fine form with 37 points, followed by Daryl Evans (26) on count-back over Don Carmody (30) with 36 points.  Good job everyone.

Near pins:  Tom Herrington, John Pierrel, Mike Johns, Bob Watson

Long Putt:  Brian Parish

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