Tropical Golf 21/03

Tuesday the 21st  March 2017: Royal Lakeside ( Stableford) I suppose most of our readers know where Royal Lakeside is, just in case you do not it is a long way up the rickety road, well on the way to Bangkok. It is just about as far as we go to play golf on a daily basis. Depending how the traffic is it can be a long time  or a quick trip. However as per this day if we play it on a Tuesday usually the trip is much better. So Tuesday off we went.


Early morning at BJ’s is usually a happy place as the golfers tuck into a bit of food, have a hot drink and depart for the days test and the smiles are a mile wide. Into cars and away we went. on this day the road was not too bad, in fact we made good time. The trip was quick and we were soon there.


The entrance to Royal Lakeside is quite ordinary as is the ride to the Clubhouse, however once inside it becomes quite impressive and a look at the Club House from the Course shows how impressive it is. On this day we were soon booked in, changed and onto the start where we were soon off.


The weather was nice, if a bit warm, and if you  looked ahead you you would see a straight fairway and a par  5, so off we go. The Course seems to straight as you play it but of course it has it’s bends, or doglegs. However the Course is essentially  what I would call a clean Course and what you see is what you get. Well designed with definite fairways and clearly defined rough. The greens were a test and true and fast. This is designed as a Course to enjoy your golf and and will not destroy a golfer. Unless they play bad. The Course was in good condition.


Soon finished it was into the showers, and they are good, then into the Restaurant. I collect the score cards here and put down the results so am busy and usually order ‘French Fries’ as I did on this day to eat while I record.  Results in and ready to leave I paid for my French Fries, at 150 Baht, and left for Pattaya. I must say I forgot to check the Menu but they are a top Club.


We got back a bit late so it was soon into the results.


The best score of the day by far was by the winner of the A Flight, 0 to 18, when Landis Brooks scored a Gross 73 and 44 points to win the Flight. Back in the dust a countback on 36 points saw Brian Parish in second and Steve Truelove in third.


In the B Flight another good score of 38 points saw Nigel Perry win ahead of Dick Warberg in second with 36 points and John Fenwick in third with 35 points.


Front Nine best score was Mick Coghlan with 20 points and Best score back nine was Walter Baechli with 16 points.


Then it was time To relax.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin        Landis  Brooks   Gerd Riedlar   Doug Maiko   John Fenwick




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